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BB&T Ballpark

One of the first things that you’ll notice about BB&T Ballpark is that it has a very attractive exterior. The designers of the building felt the need to lighten the look while not totally deviating from the traditional look of ballparks of old. Typically, ballparks are made of red bricks and steel. With this ballpark, the designers decided to use bricks with a lighter shade. In creating the exterior of the building, they considered the look and color of the other buildings in Charlotte. The ballpark must blend in with the rest of the city or else it will stick out like a sore thumb.

One of the most interesting features of the BB&T Ballpark is the murals that are painted on the west side of the building. These murals look old but the truth is they are just new. If you’re a tourist, then you would think that they have been there for a long time. It was deliberately made to look old and worn. It’s the artist’s way to pay tribute to the old ballparks in Charlotte such as Crockett. There are also retro hand-painted signs outside of the park. This is another throwback to the old ballparks and it gives an interesting look to the exterior of the new ballpark.

There’s a brand new park right beside the ballpark and it’s probably the best feature of the whole place. This means that the venue can actually hold two concurrent yet separate events. Currently, there’s a large screen outside of the building and it’s being used to advertise the team sponsors and to announce upcoming games and other events.

This is a strategic place to put a large screen since many pedestrians and vehicles pass by the street where the screen is. There is also a proposal to add another big screen outside of the stadium, facing the new park. The stadium is also surrounded by iron fencing. Passersby can actually look through the fencing and see what’s happening inside. In the process, they may get enticed to buy a ticket and come in. A genius marketing idea if ever there is one.

The interior of BB&T Ballpark is just as or probably more impressive and interesting than its exterior. You have to give it to the designers of the ballpark to create a well-designed park with the space that is available. They should also be commended for making good use of the spectacular view of the Charlotte skyline. But probably the most interesting feature of the interior of the ballpark is the inclusion of what is being called socializing spaces.

As the name suggests, these are features of the park that encourage people to gather around and talk to each other. You’ll surely notice, for example, that there are areas inside the ballpark that make it enticing for people to stand around and socialize. There are many of these in the Home Run Porch.

Many people who have been to the park believe that the best place to watch a game inside the BB&T Ballpark is in the Home Run Porch, which is located in the right field. The spot allows spectators to have an excellent perspective of the field mainly because of the fact that it’s elevated.

And then when you turn around, you’ll be treated to the view of the adjacent Romare Bearden Park and the aforementioned skyline. And yes, it’s also a great socializing space. It allows people to drink and chat with their friends as they watch the game. And you don’t have to worry about where to place your drink because of the seemingly endless row of beverage counters.

Fans with season tickets can access the Budweiser Home Plate Club, a glass-enclosed air-conditioned area that provides an excellent view of both the game and of the skyline. It’s easily the most luxurious portion of the ballpark. Those seated behind the backstop can access the Dugout Suites, another luxurious section of the ballpark.

The BB&T Ballpark is indeed a beautiful and innovative structure. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, it’ll be easy for you to appreciate the many interesting features of the ballpark. It’s a must-see if you are in Charlotte.

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