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Regular Porta Potty

What Is a Regular Porta Potty?

A porta potty is one of the best items you can bring to an event or outdoor worksite in the Charlotte area. A regular porta potty is a portable toilet you can set up at any location. This toilet is essential for the comfort and convenience of people at a site.

What Goes Inside a Porta Potty?

A regular porta potty will feature a few basic things. These items are necessary for keeping people comfortable as they use the bathroom at your site:

  • A urinal spot
  • A toilet seat with a lid
  • A dispenser for toilet paper
  • Ventilation slots allow air to move through, reducing uncomfortable odors
  • A tank that can handle tens of gallons of waste

How Are One of These Toilets Emptied?

A provider will clean and disinfect each of these toilets before bringing them out to a location in Charlotte. A vacuum will connect to an output hole or holding tank to clear out the waste from inside the unit. The waste will enter a more massive tanker truck that stores human waste for safe disposal in a suitable location like a wastewater treatment plant.

Where Can You Get One Of These Toilets?

You can get a regular porta potty for various events and work purposes around Charlotte, including:

  • Construction sites
  • Weddings
  • Outdoor athletic events
  • Outdoor company parties
  • Concerts and festivals

How Many Regular Toilets Will You Need?

You will require about one regular porta potty for every fifty people at a four-hour event on average. You’ll need two toilets for every fifty people if your event is any longer. Be aware of how many people will attend the event and how long it will last before renting out these toilets in Charlotte, especially if you plan on serving alcohol.

You’ll also need to follow OSHA sanitation standards for construction sites in the Charlotte area. OSHA states that you’ll need at least one toilet for up to twenty construction workers. You’ll then require at least one toilet seat and one urinal for every forty workers on the construction site.

Where Do You Place These Toilets?

You can place your portable toilets in various spaces around your event site, but make sure they are far enough from high-traffic areas. Keep your porta potties about ten to twenty feet away from stations where people might be eating or congregating. The distance is necessary to ensure these toilets are safe and won’t distract anyone.

Be sure you also keep these spots in areas where people can easily spot them. You can add signs around your event or work location to let people know where these toilets are. These toilets also include easily visible colors that should make them easy to spot.

Don’t Forget Portable Hand Washing Stations

Portable toilets don’t come with their own handwashing stations in most situations. You’ll need to get a separate washing station with a water tank and soap set up next to a porta potty to ensure people who use the toilet can keep themselves clean. A hand sanitizer dispenser can also be applied next to the hand washing spot if desired.