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Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty

Guide to finding a Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty in Charlotte

Finding a Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty in Charlotte for your next event can be challenging. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor party, special event, wedding, or family gathering, offering the bathroom options necessary for your guests is imperative. The good news is that plenty of wheelchair-accessible porta potties are available in and around the Charlotte area. The bad news is that most businesses don’t take into consideration their need to also accommodate guests with disabilities when renting facilities. That’s why we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about renting wheelchair-accessible porta potties in Charlotte.

What is a wheelchair-accessible porta potty?

A wheelchair-accessible porta potty is a portable toilet that has been specially designed to accommodate those who are in a wheelchair. The portable toilets come in different sizes and can be used for either indoor or outdoor events. They’re rented out in bulk by companies who rent them out to Charlotte area businesses and individuals like you.

Your event qualifies if it’s held outdoors on private or public property, allowing individuals with disabilities to access the facilities. These include public parks, beaches, college campuses, shopping malls, schools, and other community centers.

Which type of event requires you to have a wheelchair-accessible porta potty in Charlotte?

Landscaping companies, catering businesses, and event planners should have a wheelchair-accessible porta potty on hand at all times. Having one on site is especially important when your company hosts special events, such as large parties, weddings, or concerts.

Weddings are particularly tricky as the bride and groom are likely to require the use of a wheelchair-accessible porta potty for their wedding day due to physical disabilities or pregnancy.

Depending on your event’s size, you may also want to consider hiring a professional disposal company like Charlotte Portable Sanitation. They’re equipped with the latest portable toilets, including accessible toilets, and can dispose of them for you at the end of your event.

Why is it important to have a wheelchair-accessible porta potty for your event in Charlotte?

A wheelchair-accessible porta potty is essential to the success of any event. If you plan to host a large outdoor festival, concert, or special event, you’ll want to ensure that all your guests have access to nearby bathrooms.

The lack of nearby bathroom facilities can ruin an otherwise perfect day by turning off your guests or, worse, causing them to leave early. You can prevent this by creating an accessible environment for all your guests.

Even small gatherings such as family barbecues should be made accessible to all family members.

Charlotte-based businesses know that providing quality and convenient bathroom facilities is the best way to keep their guests happy.

Charlotte Portable Sanitation offers a variety of wheelchair-accessible porta potties and other portable sanitation services, including restroom trailers, dumpsters, and hand washing stations.

There are many businesses throughout the Charlotte area that rent out wheelchair-accessible porta potties. The most important thing you can do is give your business name to all local businesses in your area so they’ll have an idea of who you are and what you do. Then, when approaching them with requests for equipment rentals, show them some of the statistics from this article and how their customers specifically benefit from having their event on-site.