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Portable Hand Wash Station 

What a Portable Hand Wash Station Provides You In Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina has got to be one of the most beautiful and liveliest cities in the entire country. Constant population growth means that construction is everywhere to be found in its sprawling metropolis. With construction comes noise and of course, porta-potties. While porta-potties may be a great option to have on hand for your workers or even event patrons, they are not as hygienic as some would like them to be.

Well, to those individuals that need a dedicated area to wash their hands in, let me introduce you to portable hand wash stations. Portable hand wash stations are fantastic for having an accessible area in which to clean your hands. Charlotte, North Carolina never looked so clean!

Uses of a Portable Hand Wash Station

You could probably guess that portable hand wash stations are for freshening up. Some dials and a faucet that spits out driblets of water, which then forces you to be as economical as possible with your precious drops of water. But this is not all there is to these fantastic devices. Portable hand wash stations have dual water holding tanks.

One tank is used for clean and potable water that you use to wash up. Trust me when I say that there is more than enough water being dispensed to cover your needs. The dirty water goes down the drain, never to be seen again. If you were thinking that the dirty water was being pumped back into the same water tank then fear not. Allow me to assuage your concerns by letting you know that the secondary tank is for holding used water.

This is why it is essential for every portable hand wash station to have a dual tank system. Otherwise, there would be an unsanitary mixing or displacing of water.


Hold on to Charlotte, North Carolina because these simple little battle stations offer more than you might have imagined. Each portable hand wash station comes with soap and towels, so there is no need to pack from home. Not to mention that after your after-bathroom ritual is complete, a hand sanitizer is built in to dispense germ-killing gel right onto your palm.

Where to Use One?

The uses of a portable hand wash station are near endless. You could have them spread out strategically at every corner of your party or social gathering. If you are wondering if they would be of any use at a concert, then simply imagine them lined up on the outside of the arena. If this recent pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that you can never have enough hand sanitizer.

Your next backyard cookout needs a portable hand wash station, this way, your patrons are not burdened with needing to run inside in order to freshen up.

Keep in mind the health benefits that a portable hand wash station provides you with. This goes beyond keeping up appearances. Being able to wash up when needed is what keeps us and our loved ones alive and healthy. Think safe locals of Charlotte.